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Mass Education is a registered Society under Societies Registration Act of 1860. It is also registered with the Union Ministry of Home Affairs under Foreign Contributions Regulation Act, 1976. These registrations permit our organisation to receive funds from donors abroad. Donations from people in India are eligible for tax benefits under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

  • Society Registration: No.105 date 23.06.1980
  • FCRA: No: 010120037 date: 23rd April 1985
  • IT Exemption:

  • TAN No: HYDM03080A
  • PAN No: AAATM8350K

Registered under section 12A of the Income Tax Act No: CIT (AP-III/36/85-86 Dated: 24.06.1985

Contributions should be sent to the address mentioned above.

Mass Education and Organization Society
R.K. Nagar, Anantapur - 515 004, Andhra Pradesh (A.P), India.
Telephone .Nos: 91 9246867390 / 91 9490008960
E. mail:

Different Opportunities to get involved:

The international Development Organisations or Individuals who are interested in the development initiatives of Mass Education ---to create Better Villages by promoting livelihood opportunities to mitigate the poverty, and conservation of the Natural Resources for sustainable usage by future generations --- can extend their support through different ways and means as mentioned below. They extend their support to any one of these projects:

  • Support to disadvantaged: Projects intended to uplift the disadvantaged sections of the society in the following manner.
    • Extend support to the poor women to start livelihood activities through self groups
    • Support the child labour to get quality education as well as to liberate them form the vicious practice of child labour system
    • Support deserted aged persons to have a decent life.
    • Emergency Medical support for those who can’t afford it.
  • Water Resource Development / Management: Projects related to restoration of the traditional water bodies or to construct new water body like tanks, ponds, cattle ponds, form ponds or check dams, so that the availability of drinking water and irrigation facilities are ensured in a sustainable manner.
  • Vocational Training Courses: Projects to start Vocational Training Courses (both for both women and men) such as garment making, computer centres, automobile repairs, Repairing of electronic equipments etc
  • Climate change, Millennium Goals: Projects / Campaigns to prevent Climate change and activities to promote Millennium Goals.
  • Gender Development: Projects intended to achieve gender equality by eliminating all kinds of gender discrimination against women.
  • Marginalised Muslims: Majority of the Indian Muslims are lagging behind even Dalits in many human development indicators. Hence we have started with the marginalised Muslims. The main concerns of this community are low literacy rate, ill-health, limited access to credit facilities and skill up gradation.
  • Support to strengthen the Training Centre facilities: Mass Education has a small training centre of its own, where it conducts training programmes both for the village communities as well as for the staff involved in the implementation of the development programmes. This Centre is not having adequate accomodation facilities (like cots with beds), tables and chairs, T.V, library facility etc. So you may assist us to create necessary facilities to conduct Residential Trainings.
  • Construction of the community Halls in memory of your friends or relatives: The associations, cooperatives or peoples organisations are not having separate meeting places. As a result they conduct meetings either in the temples, schools or under the trees. There is a need to create meeting / community halls. So you may support these Community Based Organisations to construct Common Meeting Halls. These Centres could be named after your friends or relatives.
  • Support to build up Corpus Fund: Mass Education normally mobilises support to implement various development projects either from the Government or from the International development agencies. It is not having sustainable source of funding support. So it has planned to develop a Corpus Fund, which would be deposited in a Nationalised Bank. The interest generated on the Corpus Fund would be used to sustain its activities when there is a scarcity or time gap in mobilising the funds from its donors or supporters. Hence you may donate contributions to develop its Corpus Fund and also assist it by motivating your friends to make contributions. Mass Education is officially entitled to receive funds both from the local and international funds.
  • Linkages with Development Agencies: You can assist Mass Education in mobilising the financial resources through International or National Developmental Agencies by giving our reference to those who are interested to take up development activities in India.
  • Equipment: You may support Mass Education by donating the equipments such as computers, vehicles for the staff working in the rural areas, new technologies useful in the rural areas.
  • Specific support as per your desire: In case you want you extend the support in a specific / innovative manner other than as indicated above, then you may indicate the way you like to reach the communities.