Publications – Books and Posters

Mass Education published a development magazine called VIKASAM in Telugu Language for the benefit of the grass root staff of voluntary agencies. It also played a critical role in publishing another environmental magazine called PARYAVARANA DARPANAM on behalf of APPS. We published many articles on organic farming, alternatives to chemical fertilisers, pesticides, importance of the concept of natural regeneration, forest protection, Joint Forest Management. The following are some of our publications.

  • A book on Safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene promotion by name ‘Neeru, Parisudyam and Parisubratha’ in Telugu Language.

  • Translation and publication of a book on Watershed guidelines issued by Union Ministry of Rural Development by name ‘Neeti Parivahakaprantala AbhivrudhiMargadarshaka Sutralu’.
  • A booklet on Nirmal Gram Puraskar / Total Sanitation of the villages,
  • Design and Publication of 5 different posters on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene promotion.
  • Design and Publication of 5 different posters on Fluoride issue and related Fluorosis disease.
  • A bulletin on environmental issues by name ‘Darpanam’ was published (6 issues).
  • Number of rural development articles written by the Chief Functionary of the organisation was published in different magazines.