Gender Development

Mass Education has been working on Gender Development with a vision to create violence free and gender Just society wherein women have freedom, equal rights and equal opportunities to participate in social, economic, cultural, political and development processes. To achieve its objective Mass Education has been working not only to empower women by promoting various Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to address their issues but also organizing various campaigns to create awareness on Gender issues among the general public.

Thrift and Credit Management - 4500 women organised

The objective of this programme is to enhance the decision making power among women and to develop the accessibility to credit facilities to implement the Income Generation / livelihood Activities by themselves. We have promoted 300 Self Help Groups with a membership about 4500 women. To sustain these groups we have assisted them to work in collaboration with Indira Kranthi Patham (IKP), a Micro finance programme implemented by AP Government.

3500 Change Makers are created to end domestic violence against women:

To address the Domestic Violence against women, Mass Education has been campaigning by promoting Change Makers in and around its field area. Mass Education has reached and influenced 3500 men and women particularly youth across the rural areas and also in Educational Institutions and has taken pledge from them as change makers. These well trained change makers are given the resource material kits. These change makers are supposed to bring about change among the people in their respective areas by using these material kits. It is a chain of action to end violence against women. The strategy of this campaign is to bring about fundamental shift in the attitudes and beliefs among the people against violence on women by changing their mindset.

Mass Education has also been involved with other NGOs, civil societies, employees associations and individuals both at district and State levels to address the socio, economic and political issues related to women. To create gender awareness, it has organized number of trainings, workshops, awareness camps, campaigns men and women from CBOs, Government and non Government agencies.

Mass Education has been constantly working to promote Gender awareness at various levels by mainstreaming it in different project activities.